Enjoying the Good Life

FRA Financial Resources of America and Its Family of Companies are opening a world of possibilities for families and individuals across the United States. People, who just a few years ago were losing hope thanks to the Great Recession, are now enjoying the peace of mind that comes from having a sound financial strategy in place.

Today, with FRA’s direction, they’re enjoying the good life. And you can, too.

FRA is committed to helping people just like you reclaim your American Dream, however you define it. Whether it’s:

  • Retiring early to sail around the world,
  • Launching a foundation to help provide clean drinking water for children in Africa,
  • Leaving a legacy for your family,
  • Providing an endowment for your church and an inheritance for your children, or
  • Kicking back on the porch of your beach house to watch the sunset

FRA can help you make it a reality.

FRA provides you with a customized strategy that includes products, tools and concepts, designed specifically to meet your individual goals and needs.  Our focus is on maximizing and preserving your wealth. We strive to eliminate risk, minimize taxes and educate you about finances and the economy. We want you to be able to make smart choices about what’s right for you and your family’s lives now and in the future.

We believe if you’re going to achieve financial freedom, you have to have a sound working knowledge of finances. Unfortunately, by the time most people reach adulthood, they have limited-to-no-knowledge of basic financial concepts, leaving them unprepared to deal with their personal finances.

FRA is determined to change this fact. That’s why our Founder, Joe RoosEvans created the Financial Gourmet Seminar System. This innovative program helps people understand how money works and how they can put it to work for them. It breaks down the intimidation barriers by demystifying complex financial concepts in the relaxed atmosphere of fine dining with friends.

Through the Financial Gourmet System, we’ve developed a series of Secret Recipes for Financial Success These powerful concepts can change your family's financial future now and for generations to come. And we share what you'll need to create real wealth. The main ingredient in all of these recipes is action. FRA helps you find the confidence to transform your life now.

If you are one of the many people today looking for a fresh start – some by choice, some by circumstance – Financial Resources of America offers an independent career opportunity that allows people to become entrepreneurs. Designed to allow you to build a successful business within our business, the FRA career opportunity provides you with everything you need to start a business in one of the fastest growing and most profitable sectors of the American economy – financial services.

Whether you’re our client or you’ve decided to come to work with us, you’ll quickly discover that with FRA Financial Resources of America and Its Family of Companies, you can enjoy a rich and satisfying life.